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in just a few days, twelve sims will enter the big brother house, they will be monitored 24/7 by cameras in every single room (including the bathroom) and they will have no access to the outside world. through various different challenges, one house guest will be evicted each week, until only one is left. the grand prize? 500,000 simoleons. 

note(s): this challenge/story will be heavily based on the show!

if you submit a sim, you will need to be able to fully participate, as you are thinking for your sim (whether it be who to vote out, nominate for eviction, who to use the power of veto on and etc)


  • be able to actively participate. if you poof then decisions your sim has to make will be made randomly.
  • no supernatural or berry sims. 
  • your sim must be packaged in a .rar file as a .sim file, with all their cc included or linked. 

how to apply:

  • all you really have to do is take a few pictures of your sim, edit the picture a little bit and write a post with the sims name, age, hometown, sexual orientation (for romance purposes ;), and a small bio. make sure to tag the post as ‘sbbbc’
  • please message me if you would like to reserve a spot!

spots (6 girls & 6 boys):

  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open
  6. open
  7. open
  8. open
  9. open
  10. open
  11. open
  12. open

feel free to message me if you have any questions & reblog this post to help get the word out if you feeling generous. 

I don't understand..? you put sims up for people to download and use in THEIR game, and you tell them not to be a dick and change her hair colour etc. fair enough ask them not to change bone structure/body, you've obviously worked incredibly hard on creating her. but asking them not to change her hair or eye colour? people have freedom to do whatever they like once it's in their game, imo. if you didn't want her altered you shouldn't have uploaded her at all (I'm not trying to be rude btw ^^)
— Anonymous

I obviously can’t control what people are going to do with my sims in their game, that’s a given. I don’t have a problem with someone contacting me and asking if they can change her eye or hair color, that’s fine and I can guarantee that I’ll most likely give them permission to do so. But I’ve seen so many people have their creations fucked with and I’d rather have some set rules then have people claim that I didn’t set any rules to begin with. 

Lex Harris - theperksofbeingasim

I’ve been stingy when putting sims, or anything really, up for download so I thought I might as well start now. Lex is an irresistible party animal that also tends to have a desire to steal random objects. Not only does she enjoy being flirty with various people, she’s also quite a big schmoozer.

All of her CC is included and I take no credit for any of it. All credit goes to the original creators who magically make amazing content that I get to use on my sims. My sliders are also included (there’s a lot of them). 

TOU: Don’t be a dick. Don’t change her facial structure, her eye color, her body shape, or her hair color (unless you’ve asked permission). Don’t claim her as your own, don’t reupload her as if she’s your creation, and please tag me if you post any pictures of her. I’d really like to see her in your game. 



u know kate is gone
— Anonymous

WCIF your gauges and piercings for my sims? I've been looking for so long. Thank you! ;)

I get my piercings from various different places, pickypicachu and IN3S have good ones. As for the stretched lobes, you can find the slider and plugs here but I’m not sure where I got the rest of my jewelry for stretched lobes from. I’ll update this ask if I come across them. And no problem, I’m happy to help! 

Samuel’s hard at work while Sara’s hardly working.